Our services

We can add value to your organisation in many ways as we have relevant expertise and use recognised management models to support direction, strategy & planning; transformation & improvement and program/project delivery:

Direction, Strategy and Planning
  • Defining and formalising strategic direction
  • Developing Vision, Mission and Value statements
  • Value chain modelling
  • Organisational redesign and restructuring
  • Commercial and business services integration
  • Business planning and cascading action plans through teams
  • Commissioning framework for contestable services
  • Aboriginal economic development
  • Systems design thinking
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement advisory
  • Supplier alliances
Transformation and Improvement
  • Managing change and assessing risks
  • Business audits and continuity planning
  • Service delivery models and frameworks
  • Re-designing processes in a way that makes them robust and useable
  • Aligning systems and technology to support sound decision making and appropriate governance
  • Designing and implementing simple measurement systems to monitor and report performance
  • Leadership development and mentoring
  • Building team cohesion and effectiveness
  • Culture health checks
  • Assessing and implementing lean operating and manufacturing principles
Portfolio, Program and Project Delivery
  • Full life cycle project management
  • Design using Program Logic
  • Community engagement and stakeholder facilitation
  • Governance audit and advisory
  • Value delivery measurement
  • Program review
  • Outcomes evaluation
  • Roll-up reporting and executive syndication