State Government CUA AFA2018

With minimal paperwork (pick and buy) we can be easily engaged to deliver procurement advisory and program review services to any state Government Department or Agency in line with the Department of Finance’s Common Use Agreement AFA2018.

Other state and local government organisations and public benevolent institutions also have approval to utilise our services through this CUA.  This includes Government Trading Enterprises (GTE’s), state utility providers and local government councils.

Procurement Advisory Services
  • Business case development

Strategic analysis and advice at project and program level to support investment planning and decision making and preparation of business cases in accordance with project concepts and guidelines.

  • Procurement strategy development

Preparation of procurement strategies at project and program level including the assessment of procurement options (e.g. design and construct, alliance, public private partnership, lease versus buy or other arrangements). Validation of procurement strategy through market capability analysis and market soundings.

  • Procurement process support

Development of selection/project evaluation criteria, development of tender documentation and support for tender evaluations, including value for money, financial and commercial evaluations. Assist in tender negotiation phase.

Client Program Reviews

We can appraise and evaluate your customer programs.  Reviews will identify and define the results of a program and their impacts, as well as what can be the best alternatives to help in decision-making and lead to improvement in the process.